NK closeup showed the buttocks “like Kim”

NK крупным планом показала ягодицы "как у Ким"

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who performs under the pseudonym NK, recently radically changed the way and lost, and brags on his page in Instagram.

Recently, the celebrity has released a striking video for the song “Memories” by unchecking it in the yard of her and her husband a farm house. Anastasia admitted that she was inspired by the archival footage that beauty is found in your phone, later showing a nostalgic and touching memories to loyal fans.

So, the artist put an excerpt from the video for the song “Ass like Kim” which became a hit back in 2018. By 2020, the movie managed to gain a whopping 60 million views on YouTube, and her daughter, who posed in the video with naked buttocks, again lit their numerous fans.

For 60 million! Thank you, by the way, girls, what’s the line from “ASS LIKE KIM” you say, shared joy Kamensky.

NK крупным планом показала ягодицы "как у Ким"