No eyebrow or the eye: “Useless” rifle SVD and svu have compared the expert

Ни в бровь, ни в глаз: «Бесполезные» винтовки СВД и СВУ сравнил эксперт

It was accepted into service back in 1963, the Dragunov sniper is considered to be in error, he said.

The SVD has long been considered the standard sniper weapons. Put into production in 1957, and adopted in 1963, “Dragunov” has the record for distance and accuracy to 1350 metres for the relatively small 7.62 mm – in 1985, sniper trooper shot spooks.

In the ‘ 90s on the production set, dusty from 1970-ies, a modernized version of the “Dragunov” IED. A shortened version was created for urban areas – due to the change of the rifle, was more than simply a movement in a confined urban space.

In the modern military world, the SVD and svu are considered little more than useless, according to experts.

SVD wrongly identified as a sniper rifle the whole world, except Russia, recognized her rifle infantry support due to its size and multiplicity of the sight. In modern warfare, according to experts, it is not effective. SVD provides the solution of tasks to defeat small objectives in the range of up to 800 meters, which she was replaced by a rifle SV-98. No eyebrow, no eyes, as they say.

A shortened version of the rifle also fell short of expectations, twice. The first time a variant in the 70’s on went into mass production, the second when the soldiers have demonstrated a new design of rifle.

The more complex the design, the more it breaks down, – the soldiers ‘ wisdom, which well-describes IEDs.

Dragunov sniper rifle modified (SVDM)

The short barrel allowed us to better navigate in an urban environment, but the rifle is designed for system bullpup – store is to handle, not after, and the weight of the rifle significantly increased.

Dragunov svu (SVU)

Despite this, many did not agree with the expert, referring to the fact that the SVD is not removed from service only because it is the best example of “sniper” rifles in Russia.

Indeed, the “Dragoons” not once rescued the Russian and Soviet paratroopers in military hot spots, and IEDs turned out to be a good prototype assault rifle with the ability to shoot line.

Ни в бровь, ни в глаз: «Бесполезные» винтовки СВД и СВУ сравнил эксперт

Ни в бровь, ни в глаз: «Бесполезные» винтовки СВД и СВУ сравнил эксперт

Ни в бровь, ни в глаз: «Бесполезные» винтовки СВД и СВУ сравнил эксперт