No money, but you hold: Bogdan after his dismissal from the income statement showed a photo from vacation

Денег нет, но вы держитесь: Богдан после увольнения из ОПУ показал фото с отдыха

Andrey Bogdan after his dismissal from the post of head of the Office of the President, probably, flew to rest on the Seychelles Islands. The ex-officer has not ceased to joke, and even gave advice to “friends”.

Photos allegedly from exotic Islands Bogdan posted on his Facebook page. In the photo he is “posing” on the beach near a sign reading “Seychelles”.

The picture itself, the former head of PP complements rather ironic note.

Friends really miss You, not sleeping, not eating. Believe me, soon you will all do what you like. I know it’s tough, no money, but you hold on,

– posted by Bogdan.

Please note! The phrase “no Money, but you hold on!!!” belongs to the former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. This he announced to retired from the occupied Crimea that asked how to live on 8 thousand roubles.

Note, where actually is now Bogdan is uncertain. Myself a note with the photo has no label geolocation.

In addition, Bogdan previously could publish otvetstvennoe photos online. So now users do not rush to believe that he really is resting in the Seychelles. According to users, the former official so just trolls all his detractors.

As Bogdan Zelenskiy was fired from PP?

  • 11 Feb Zelensky has sacked the head of the office of the President Andrei Bogdan and appointed Andriy Yermak.
  • Before it appeared in the media rumors that between Bogdan and Ermak had a conflict. It stems from the fact that bureaucrats are very different characters views on the events in Ukraine and the policy of the President. However, despite these rumors, after the appointment of the Ermak called Bogdan a professional person and thanked for the work done.
  • 13 Feb Zelensky brought by Bogdan from the Council of national security and defense. His place was Yermak.