“No more Ephraim”: Mikhail Efremov confessed to the users in the video

«Нет больше Ефремова»: Михаил Ефремов покаялся перед пользователями в видео

The actor touched the people in the video.

Mikhail Efremov for the first time since the accident recorded videorolik and appealed to the General public. In the short video, the actor talks about his betrayal, asks for forgiveness from the family of Sergey Zakharov – men, of which he was shot down, and promises to help them by all means, if they accept his help. Michael stressed that this is not an attempt to bribe, and “attempt to redeem”.

Mikhail Efremov turned to the people in the video Also Yefremov said he had no excuse nor one of those who believed him, particularly from his wife and children. The mistake of the actor called “unforgivable”. Michael noted that “otmazyvatsya” from punishment, he will not. “The end. There is no more Ephraim. I betrayed everyone. Excuse me, please,” he says in the final video.

We will remind, on June 8, Efremov drove drunk and killed a man. He faces up to 12 years in prison.

Mikhail EFREMOV | reaching out TO PEOPLE | June 12, 2020 the day the video with the repentance of Ephraim gathered more than 1.4 million hits and came in second place in the “trends” on YouTube. The words of Michael touched many users, many try to support the actor, celebrating his masculinity, but this does not detract from their strictness about punishment.

“It is a pity both. I hope that at least someone in this situation will save lives and he will not sit behind the wheel drunk. I hope Michael will help the family, and they will accept it, And according to conscience and justice, he has to answer to as to the family of the deceased laborers, and before the law” “Who of our officials and unpunished villains repented. Boy, that came out openly and adequately recognized”, “To tears just…” – expressed comments.

As reported by channel Life Shot, referring to the lawyer of Ephraim, the family of Sergey Zakharov refuses to accept an apology and money for the actor intends to achieve a fair court decision.

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