No need to starve: the top 4 mistakes in losing weight

Не нужно голодать: эксперт назвала топ-4 ошибки в похудении

Eat a buckwheat and chicken breast – it is wrong

It seems to be doing everything right and carefully follow the eating and the weight still does not go away? Perhaps, yet something went wrong. Nutritionist Anna Elkina called on his page in Instagram common mistakes dieters that prevent them to achieve the desired goal.

Top 4 mistakes in losing weight:

1. Greatly cut back on your diet.

Many people think that to reduce weight you need to eat at 800-1000 calories, these diets even sell food delivery service. And here you sit hungry, angry and even a no result is highly not happy. Maybe you hold the weight for 1-2 month, then will be biting you will not have to stop. And many can’t believe that can be hearty and delicious to eat, while reducing the weight. Had to eat little and useful and properly distributing food during the day, hearing your body.

2. Monotony.

Eat the breast and buckwheat with cucumbers convenient. But many don’t understand what else is possible? And someone in joy, and someone torturing herself chews the breast day after day. And then I get messages about sejarah carbohydrates, pizza night or something else. There is varied, even when weight reduction, you should only know – and what you can eat.

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3. Not to dinner.

Morning so pleased with the plumb, you agree not to eat all my life. But that’s depending on a large part of the rations, you see a total deficit of protein and fiber – your cells have to get all necessary for life. Limiting their food for the sake of numbers in the morning – you will get a “failure” in the form of disease.

4. To walk in a circle.

If you try something out and see no result, then there is no point in continuing. Of course, many difficult to admit that need help, support and knowledge, you want to be “the smartest”. But the result of the mind in terms of nutrition on your body. Can you really know everything, but can not do it?

Informed nutritionist Albina Komissarova made stars out harmful dietary habits that prevent weight loss.

Не нужно голодать: эксперт назвала топ-4 ошибки в похудении

Не нужно голодать: эксперт назвала топ-4 ошибки в похудении

Не нужно голодать: эксперт назвала топ-4 ошибки в похудении