No one knows when it will end the epidemic of the coronavirus, but the number of deaths can be overwhelming – Amanda Paul

Никто не знает, когда закончится эпидемия коронавируса, но количество умерших может вас поразить - Аманда Пол

Now the world does not know how to deal with the coronavirus COVID-19. Although isolation and proved its effectiveness, people will not be able to sit under the castle six months without work. So you need to find some kind of average solution. In an interview with “Apostrophe” said a senior political analyst at the European policy Centre AMANDA PAUL.

– In your opinion, what is happening in Europe? This is truly an epidemic, or all too exaggerated?

– I can clearly see that this is a coronavirus pandemic in large parts of Europe. Many countries are affected very badly – Italy, Spain, France, Germany. The country where I live – Belgium – is too badly damaged, and the situation will deteriorate. Each member country of the EU deals with the issue of coronavirus, the national competence of each country is to take all the necessary measures. In Belgium, for example, now in full lockdown (lockdown – “Apostrophe”), and I sit at home all day (only to go to a pharmacy in case of emergency). Here, of course, a difficult situation. Every day the number of those who had contact with the virus. Keeping people at home, entering lockdown, the government is trying to save the population from further infection. But in Italy, now more people have died than in China.

American infectious disease physician Kent Sepkowitz believes that the number of deaths from the coronavirus depends on the number of elderly people in the country. The more, the mortality is higher.

– I think that in most European countries, many elderly. I am originally from the UK and there is also a lot of them. Many of the dead are the elderly or people who had other illnesses. But, say, in Britain people die at the age of 45-49 years, so we can’t say that this is exclusively a disease of the elderly. All need to be very vigilant.

But the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that we must be prepared for losses.

Boris Johnson changes his strategy almost every day. Boris Johnson is a maverick, he does what he wants. He said the school will work in two day – schools closed. His approach is slow and not very intuitive. Therefore, the policy of Boris Johnson is a very “windmill”, and I would not advise to follow his example any other country.

– President of the German Robert Koch Institute Lothar Wheeler said that the epidemic of the coronavirus may continue for another two years. During her to 70% of the population have been ill for COVID-19 and get immunity.

– There are a lot of experts and many different opinions. But what we have today is a new virus and no one really knows what will happen in the near future and how long the pandemic. And scientists are working to invent a vaccine. Of course, you might say – wait and see. It is clear that a lot of people need to contract the coronavirus to immunity. But also, many people will not be able to sit under lock and key 5, 6, 7 months without work.

The impression is that most governments think so: a few weeks after the social isolation we can reach the peak number of exposed to the virus and died in the hospitals, as well as in China. There we see that people are not in contact with each other, and for several days there were no reports of new cases of the disease. So you need to stay home because this virus is really something new, and we don’t know what can happen. But on the other hand, if people will be sitting at home six months, the economy and the whole social system of the countries will collapse.

– Do you see an easy way out?

Nobody knows what to do. There is no easy exit. But isolation certainly can not be long term policy due to the fact that people just won’t stay home six months they will come out. So you need to find a solution somewhere in the middle.

– Say, after the epidemic COVID-19 world changes.

– He now has changed.

– In the worst or the best?

– I think for the better. I think there will be positive changes in society, in the economy. People will better understand how to use digital technology.

– What do you think, do I need a quarantine official in a small number of patients?

– I think the Ukrainian leadership must learn what happened in the EU, and act quickly. So, in my opinion, quarantine and isolation is definitely something that should be taken seriously. This virus moves very quickly, and the number of deaths could double or triple over night – and a sharp deterioration of the situation hardens people by surprise.