No one knows who will attack Russia next time, – Poroshenko 24 Channel

Нікому невідомо, на кого нападе РФ наступного разу, – Порошенко - 24 Канал

Petro Poroshenko stressed that Russia in its aggressive steps is very unpredictable and tomorrow may attack anywhere, for example the Baltic States, or to defend with arms “Nord stream-2”.

The President of Ukraine said in an interview with Polish TV channel TVN24.

No one knows what Russia wants to attack tomorrow. Maybe Russian soldiers would want to protect the “Nord stream-2” and attack the Baltic States. Maybe Russia wants to strike at the next election, like they tried to do this during the referendum in the Netherlands, or during a referendum on Brexit and other countries
– said Poroshenko.

He stressed that in the current situation Ukraine needs unity of the world, as was demonstrated recently when Russia attacked Ukrainian ships in the neutral waters of the Black sea.

The President also noted that four years ago everyone was afraid to call Russia’s attack on Ukraine aggression, calling it a conflict or crisis. Now, however, the situation looks completely different.”

“Every time Russia denied responsibility for certain crimes. And only demonstration of a direct evidence, as in the case of shoot down of Malaysian Boeing MH17 or poisoning in Salisbury allows you to show the real Russia”, – said Poroshenko.

The President of Ukraine added that the events in the Kerch Strait is a “threat to the integrity of Ukraine, but first of all to regional security throughout Europe, and, possibly, global security.”

What is known about the events in the Kerch Strait?25 Nov in the Kerch Strait the Russian border guard ship rammed the RAID tug of the Ukrainian military. It is known that 2 of the Ukrainian military small armored artillery boats and offshore tug went according to plan and according to international standards from the port of Odessa to the port in Mariupol.

However, Russia said that the Ukrainian warships allegedly illegal came in temporarily closed the waters of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation and continued moving to the Kerch Strait.

A group of Ukrainian ships continued on their way to Mariupol. However, during exit from the Kerch Strait, the Russian border guard vessel opened fire on Ukrainian ships, resulting in 6 Ukrainian sailors were injured. Russia also seized 2 Ukrainian vessel and captured 24 Ukrainian sailors, who were later arrested in the occupied Crimea and taken to Moscow prison.

After that, the Ukraine was put into 10 regions martial law until December 26. In addition, 30 November Ukraine has banned the entry into its territory of male Russian citizens aged 16-60 years.

Russia also is not the first month blocks in the Azov sea foreign ships, was heading to the Ukrainian ports. Because of this, the Ukrainian economy will suffer significant losses.


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