No response in five months. Iran does not respond to the note about the downed plane

Ни одного ответа за пять месяцев. Иран не реагирует на ноту о сбитом самолете

07.06.2020, 20:39


Ukraine is ready to negotiate, but no official response from Iran has not yet been reported

Iran still has not given official answer to the note of Ukraine with the requirements and offer to settle all matters related to the Ukrainian plane shot down in January of this year, near Tehran

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According to Enina, the first note was sent to Iran on 11 January that it was sounded also by President Vladimir Zelensky. “As of today, and that 5 months, we have not received any official response. In that note, they also talked about Ukraine’s readiness to hold talks with Iran. The answer is no. There are only comments in the press about the readiness”, – commented Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs.

Ukraine will hold talks with Iran, says ENIN, noting that the transfer of Ukraine the black boxes from the plane could be “a nice gesture” on the other side.

  • January 8, the Ukrainian plane Boeing 737 crashed near Tehran shortly after takeoff: video. Three days later, Iran acknowledged that the military “inadvertently” hit him.
  • In April one of the members of the Iranian pralamenta called the attack against the Ukrainian plane right step by the military and Iran said that none of them were arrested.
  • On 23 may, the Iranian defense Minister stated that the responsibility for the deaths of the downed airliner will be borne by the operator of the local air defense system that violated the rules of fire.

Vladimir Zelensky