No scientific evidence: doctors told, than useful raspberry

Научных данных нет: медики рассказали, чем полезна малина

It is considered that using raspberry can alleviate the condition for colds, but scientists have never conducted such studies, therefore, scientific evidence for the benefits of the berry in influenza and SARS yet.

As reported despite this, doctors noted the many beneficial properties of raspberry and claim that by using this berries can significantly improve health. If you eat just 150 grams of raspberries per day, the body will get almost half the daily value of vitamin C. with regular use of this berry, the body will produce high amounts of fructose, minerals, vitamins D and B. And raspberries are rich in pectin and fiber, which normalize the work of digestive system and intestine. Recently, scientists have discovered that raspberries contain ketones that are involved in the process of breakdown of fats.

If the daily use of a couple of handfuls of berries, you can lose weight, adjusted for a balanced diet. Raspberries prevents the development of atherosclerosis and strengthens blood vessel walls. With regard to treatment raspberry colds, the doctors noted that with a cold useful any drink, so the water and tea you can add any jam or berries.