“No threats, brother Maranova questioned the veracity of the widow on acid

"Никаких угроз: брат Марьянова усомнился в правдивости слов вдовы о кислоте

A relative of the artist believes that Ksenia BIC in security.

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Inheritance disputes Dmitry Marjanova not subside even after two years after the death of the actor. The widow of the artist Ksenia BIK complained of threats, detractors want to throw acid at her. He reacted to the situation the brother of the late Michael Maryanov.

A relative of the actor questioned the veracity of the widow, and suggested that her statement could be merely rumors appeared on the Network. According to Mikhail, Xenia outside the risk area.

“No threats”

commented on Mar’yanov, saying that now “all normal people”. The older brother of actor added: “Well, who would threaten, think for yourself”.

In an interview with Teleprogramma.pro relative of the actor also spoke about the division of property. According to him, everything will be decided in court.

Recall that inheritance Dmitry Marjanova expect his wife, son and father. According to some information, threats to the BIC could be due to its claims on the country house, where now lives the dad of the actor.