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Нет времени – великая отмазка всех времен и народов - 24 Канал

“No time! Seriously? It is no desire! But there is always time!” S. Esenin

The great excuse of all time – I don’t have time! (more money, but more about that next time)

Man is a creature who will always find time and energy and energy on what he really important, interesting and necessary!

I really want to the gym! – enthusiastically, flapping eyelashes, loose says Tanya. – But! – blown away by it – I don’t have time.
— I would have gone on a vacation, says Sasha, rubbing the red from the computer and office artificial light eye. But, no time.
— There was no time to call you – inflates like a Turkey Victor, giving the seriousness of its kind.

Yeah, right now! Try to say that you have no time at the moment when your bladder, sorry, bubble, signal to the brain that is still rumors and will be an incident!

Find? Of course! Despite meeting the seismic cataclysm and traffic on Petrovka!

Because here the priority is. And holidays, call the gym — no! You have all this time, no desire.

And if you can’t get to the sport, lamenting the transience of moments, I beg you, stop lying!

Just admit to yourself that your body is not your priority.

Нет времени – великая отмазка всех времен и народов - 24 Канал
There is always time

You don’t have time to cook a normal meal and always eat anything, because you have no time, complaining of gastritis? Yes, hell, no time!

Just your health is not your priority! And secondary benefits has not been canceled!

The husband helps his wife around the house, forgets to rinse a dish, Julita and puffing, not to sit with the baby, apologizing that he has no time? OK, I believe!

Why a glass of beer with friends he finds it? To relieve the brain and exhale? Well, no, maybe so, but the priority is visible to the naked eye!

Just the relationship and the woman is less important than the beer or friends! Sad? Tough? But honestly.

— Do not have time, no time at all! – beats himself on the lush side fat aunt Lucy from the fifth apartment, the second time telling the fifteenth series of roksolany…

Julia pulls the phone the third day, losing weight rapidly, not eating, not sleeping, but he still can’t get in.

I’m so busy – he moans into the phone, causing the tears of empathy and concern. – Busy, time at all to spare! Can’t…

Oh our poor, the knight of the sorrowful countenance! You’re there, probably saving the world? Or how the turtle is the earth itself hold? I have to say to the girl that she’s not your priority and don’t screw with her brain!

There is always time!

But do you have enough of it on a particular case – a question of priority.

In a week 168 in the month to 730 in a year 8760 hours. That’s a lot! Unreal! Surely this amount cannot be pulled three hours at the gym, five hours on a book or three minutes per call! How much time daily flies the trumpet of the Internet, the black box series, soft abyss of the sofa with hypnotic ceiling? And it’s not bad and not good, that’s okay!

We are all human, we are all human.

Just lie to yourself enough!

After all, how easy it is to do when the pocket is always the excuse – no time! Behind laziness, fear, negligence and lack of priority. But time is a unique product! Not buy and not sell, but it can stretch and shrink, use it wisely or foolishly flushed down the toilet.

Einstein himself proved that time is not the value of the constant in the law, and scientists agreed with him.

So that cease to engage in lies, deceiving yourselves!

Just not enough time, you don’t need! This is not your priority! And where you spend it, is important to you and that’s all can tell you better than any psychological test!

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