“No” to plastic: a recipe of Seychelles

"Нет" пластику: рецепт Сейшел

While in Europe there are discussions about banning plastic, Seychelles, this step has been in the past. Here at first banned disposable plastic utensils, then plastic bags, and then did all the plastic. Of course, this initiative at first encountered fierce opposition, but he managed to overcome.

Shereen Francis, CEO of the tourism Board of Seychelles has told that consumers have found other solutions, and manufacturers and importers of plastic items has switched to environmentally safe products:

“Was widespread campaign, introducing the issue, and at the same time he conducted the search of other business opportunities, says Sherin, – began to develop the import of environmentally friendly disposable items. Enterprises which imported disposable bags, also began to seek alternative options.”

Another problem is mass tourism that contributes to environmental pollution. But tourism is the main source of revenue of a small state with a 90-thousand population, consisting of 115 tiny Islands. The solution was specialization on premium travel.

“We do not preach mass tourism, says Sherin Francis. – We do not seek to multiply the number of tourists. Last year we took over 350 thousand tourists, and this is too much. Because our country is very small. Yes, we want to develop tourism to in turn support economic growth . But the ideal solution is to get as much out of each visitor than to increase their number, and on the environment it will reflect less.”

Seychelles recipe – cleaning, environmental protection and the restriction of tourism. How, then, to pay the public debt? But here was found out : the charitable Foundation of actor Leonardo DiCaprio donated 1 million dollars to the Republic is obliged to protect the 210 sq km of the Indian ocean. In addition to this group of investors agreed to restructure debt in exchange for action to protect 30% of sea country by 2020. Won all.

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