“Nobody asked”: Vine harshly criticized Lazarev for Eurovision

«Никто ведь не спрашивал»: Лоза жестко раскритиковал Лазарева из-за Евровидения

Known Russian composer and singer Yuri Loza harshly commented on the candidacy of his colleagues of Sergey Lazarev on the popular Eurovision song contest-2019 and noted that in the process of choosing a decent singer in the music contest the opinion of the viewers are not interested in nobody passes Newsmir.info.

In particular, in an interview with journalists NSN Vine said that the final decision regarding Russia’s representative to the Eurovision song contest, which this year takes Israel, was taken by several persons, under the control of which is all the Russian media system. However, the opinion of Russians was completely ignored.

“One of the leaders of the market are not interested in people’s opinions. If they cared, then people would have asked who to send to Eurovision. However, nobody asked. If we have a system somehow responds to people’s opinions, it would be possible to talk about it. Now she couldn’t care less” – firmly said Yuri.

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