Nobody likes to lose at home announcement of the principled leader of the super League matches in the championship – 24 Channel

Ніхто ж не любить програвати вдома, – анонс принципових матчів лідера Суперліги у чемпіонаті - 24 Канал

Basketball club “Kiev” is, of course, was one of the revelations of this season’s super League Pari-Match. The team is a leader and is the most productive in the League. In such a fierce fight demonstrated by players in all matches, it’s hard to say how long can the Cossacks to hold first place. While they have all the chances of becoming winter Champions.

To leave for the holidays in a good mood, it is first necessary to beat this week, “Chemist” and “Odessa.” The team from the South – the closest rival “Zaporozhye”. Besides, she won five League games in a row. Really started this winning streak after defeats of the Cossacks on the platform (87:95).

With “Odessa” the first round match also ended with a victory of wards of Valery Plekhanov on the road (97:94). However, success in the game was given “Zaporozhye” even harder. So while the citizens and take more modest place in the table, the problems they can create not fewer than “Chemist”.

“Like “Chemist” and “Odessa” in the first round was a tough match. I think right now those teams will have a great desire to take revenge. Nobody likes to lose at home. Let’s see how it goes, waiting for the fight with intrigue. Prepare seriously: watched a few videos, took apart the main combination, pay attention to the 1-3-1 zone, which gives preference to the “Chemist” in the last time. As for “Odessa”, knowing what their “snipers”, are preparing to secure the perimeter. In both cases try not to give opponents to “run up” to draw them into “slow” basketball. This is a rough game plan. Understand the responsibility and importance of these matches,” said before the match the head coach of BC “Kiev” Valery Plekhanov.

It should be noted that “Zaporozhye” on Friday, December 7, will play against “Chemist”. Kick-off at 19:45. On Sunday, 9 December, will take on its site “Odessa.” The game will start at 14:00.

“There are no easy games. The championship is very exciting from the point of view of sport. I think it will be until the end. This season there is no rest. Relaxed – lost and fell two or three steps,” concluded Valery Plekhanov.

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