“Nord stream” stopped in Russia claim that everything is under control

"Северный поток" остановился: в России утверждают, что все под контролем

Both offshore gas pipeline “Nord stream” stopped for two weeks for scheduled maintenance. Pipeline companies say that everything is planned in advance.

Regular annual maintenance is part of planned repairs, explained in the company Nord Stream AG, writes “Interfax”.

It is conducted for the seventh time since the beginning of operation of the pipeline. In Russia also claim that the schedule of works on maintenance of the pipeline had been agreed with partners.

Note, in the time of a stop of some gas pipelines is increasing its capacity on other routes, therefore the possibility of increasing supplies via Ukraine. It is possible to reduce injection of gas into underground storage.

What is the difference between “Northern stream and Nord stream-2”?

“North stream” gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, the first branch of which is already built. A pipeline started in April 2010, the first deliveries of gas began started on the 8th of November 2011. The main gas pipeline “Nord stream” through the Baltic sea linking Russia and the EU, was held on the territory of Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Its length is about 1.2 thousand kilometers.

Many experts believe that the construction of the pipeline is more due to political than economic expediency.

“Nord stream-2” is an extension of “Northern stream” it runs parallel to the track. Pipeline building not only in order to spread its influence in Europe, but to get around transit fees Ukraine.

"Северный поток" остановился: в России утверждают, что все под контролем