Normal reactions to vaccination

Нормальные реакции организма на вакцинацию

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun told what reactions to the vaccine are the norm. Writes referring to “channel 24”.

According to her, after vaccination, the child may experience a fever, swelling, induration and redness at the injection site. Ulyana Suprun calls in this situation do not panic. That is as it should be. These symptoms will not last for long. A maximum of two days you will forget about them. If the above symptoms Suprun recommends to do nothing. She encourages parents to abandon the churning temperature. This should be done only in case if the baby does not tolerate temperature jumps. Also, do not give your child antihistamines. After all, redness, and swelling of the seal in this case does not indicate the presence of allergies. And never spread to the site of inoculation ointments or iodine. Besides, don’t attach the cabbage plantains. It is no good will not result.

Sound the alarm is necessary when the vaccination site was red two days after the injection. Abnormal if its dimensions are greater than 5 centimeters. Also redness two days should not increase and the temperature to rise.