Norman talks were derailed on purpose, because the process has stalled – the spin doctor

Нормандские переговоры были сорваны специально, потому что процесс зашел в тупик - политтехнолог

Negotiations on Donbass failed, but Pro-presidential forces find their explanation. Political analyst Vladimir Petrov believes that the negotiations on the Donbas in the Normandy format was specifically disrupted and ended, in fact, the “successful failure”. On this he wrote in his column for TK Media.

“To me different ways of trying to convey the fact that I was wrong and talks in Normandy was a success, and not failure. Thesis I propose the following compromise: negotiations in the “Norman” format was a successful failure”, – said Vladimir Petrov.

In his opinion, such a conclusion can be drawn from the analysis of the “insides” of the Ukrainian Telegram-channels “Legitimate” and “Resident”, which is associated with the Office of the President. In particular, messages in response to column spin doctor “Three days before the war.”

Channels to promote the message that escalation of the conflict with Russia after the breakdown of negotiations, the situation is “frozen” or “deadlocked” on the part of Russia. And that the head of the Office of the President Andrey Ermak “makes a new club of friends of Ukraine, which will act as a guarantor of the peace process in the Donbas.”

According to Vladimir Petrov, from the blog “Legitimate” and “Resident”, we can conclude that the “old” friends of Ukraine did not help, the negotiations in “Norman” format at an impasse and more impossible, Ukraine refuses last contract and wants to renegotiate the relationship, and Russia refuses to discuss a new contract.

“Literally one day is gone the story of the backstage auction which could be considered the continuation of the negotiation process, and international partners in the face of Germany and France was untenable, which led to the fact that the Office had to break off a relationship with them (or they had to sever relations with the Office) and immediately think about the creation of the club “new friends of Ukraine”, – said political consultant.

According to him, Germany and France withdrew from the negotiations because one party ignores its obligations under channel agreements. The only question is what it is. Ukrainian sources have accused Russia of disrupting the negotiations, and Russian – on the contrary.

The Minister for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Alexey Reznikov said that the Russians in the negotiations “do not show hostility and showed a desire to bring our positions closer, so talking about the dead end before.” But, in his own words, “to negotiate with the Russian delegation, which exists today, it is impossible”.

In response to this contradictory statement, said Vladimir Petrov, Telegram-channels begin to publish a new “sedative pill” for the President, that in the autumn the negotiations still continue, and the current situation going on in preparation for the elections.

The Ermak, judging by the posts of the Pro-presidential channels, “according to their mass in the political arena, equal to the mass of the Sun” concludes the analyst. So, the OP wants to collect a new “club of friends of Ukraine”, replacing Germany and France UK and USA with their future, not yet elected President. However, it is unclear what he thinks about participation in the negotiation process itself is Britain ready for such format of Russia and what other international partners have voiced readiness to join the “club of friends of Ukraine”.

We will remind, on July 3, in Berlin, a meeting in the Normandy format with participation of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia. The parties once again tried to discuss the terms of the peace agreement in Donbass and to bring a new summit in Berlin.

In the end the head of the Office of the President Andrey Ermak said that the meeting really “brought Norman summit” and the Deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Kozak said about the lack of progress the law “on special status of Donbass”.