North Korea has seized a Russian ship with 17 sailors on Board

КНДР захватила российское судно с 17 моряками на борту

In the night from 16 to 17 July, the North Korean guards seized the Russian fishing vessel “Sakhalin-8”, which belongs to limited liability company “North-East fishing company”. About it July 23, reported “RBC” with reference to Director of the company Victor Sadler.

According to him, the ship had a crew of 17 people, 15 of them – Russians, two – citizens of South Korea. The last two, the captain and his assistant lived in a hotel, others are kept in the cabins and not allowed to go on deck.

The ship detained nearly 85 km from the coast, accusing the Russian crew of violating the zone, “military escorts”. In accordance with the UN Convention on the law of the sea territorial waters area is 20 km from the coast, said Sadler.

The company Director added that this information EMU has provided the representative of the Russian Embassy. Prior to that, he believed that the ship is in the drift, and the relationship with the sailors is missing for technical reasons.

In comments to “Kommersant” Sadler added that the ship with the sailors is in the North Korean port of Wonsan.

The ship at the time of arrest was without a load. The displacement of fishing seiner – 290 tons, length – 38 meters. It is engaged in fishing in the waters of the sea of Japan for two years, before these situations arise.