North Korea seized a Russian ship with 17 sailors in the sea of Japan

Северная Корея захватила российское судно с 17 моряками в Японском море

Border North Korea seized the Russian ship “Sakhalin-8” allegedly for illegally crossing the border. Sailors have a week hold on the ship, learned about the arrest only today, July 23. It is reported by the Director of “North-East fishing company”, which owns the ship, Victor Sadler, RBC.

Sadler said that the detention occurred in the night from 16 to 17 July. The ship then went to Providence and stayed at 53 miles from the shore. The Koreans thought that it’s illegal crossing of the border, although in accordance with the UN Convention on the law of the sea territorial waters is the area within 12 nautical miles from the shore.

“For some reason the Koreans came up with that 50 miles is a “zone of their military guard,” no international institution is not recognized. We’ve been told in the Embassy,” said a company representative.

Sadler and his colleague reported that on July 16 they lost contact with the vessel, but within two days believed that the ship is in the drift zone. And when the ship appeared on the radar and begin to move toward the DPRK, they realized that the sailors were captured. Then they sent an officer to the location of the vessel, and he confirmed the information on detention.

According to Sadler, on Board were 15 Russians and 2 citizen of North Korea. Sailors are not allowed to go out of the cabin, searched them and interrogated.

“North Korean border guards can verify the ship to land, but to such action to pursue, detain, send to port it for the first time”, he added.

Note that on 23 July, Russian military aircraft violated the airspace of South Korea in the sea of Japan. The Koreans responded with a warning fire.

Северная Корея захватила российское судно с 17 моряками в Японском море