North Korea tested a new tactical weapon

Северная Корея испытала новое тактическое оружие

North Korea conducted a test of a new tactical weapon, which was attended by Kim Jong UN. This is reported by North Korean state media, writes the South Korean news Agency Yonhap

“North Korean leader Kim Jong UN oversaw the test of a new tactical guided weapons, calling it a development event is very significant value in strengthening his military power”, – stated in the message.

Central news Agency of Korea reported that the test took place on Wednesday, but did not specify that what kind of weapon it was.

Kim Jong UN noted, however, that the completion of the development of weapons systems is a very important event to increase the combat power of the people’s army.

Kim Jong UN also delivered in a phased and strategic target to maintain production of ammunition in the country, the removal of science and technology of national defense to an advanced level.

On Wednesday the media in Pyongyang have reported that North Korean leader visited the air force part and looked at the flying exercises in the course of its first public inspection of military action for five months.

Testing began after Kim suggested the year-end negotiations on denuclearization with the United States after having been derailed negotiations during the February summit with U.S. President Donald trump.

DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN said earlier that the failure of negotiations with the United States has increased the risk of recovery of tension, but he is interested to host a third summit with US President Donald trump.

Северная Корея испытала новое тактическое оружие