Not a single brush – the dentist said that it should be in a home kit for teeth care

Не щеткой единой - стоматолог рассказала, что должно быть в домашнем наборе для ухода за зубами

A beautiful smile largely depends on whether we know how to properly care for the oral cavity. General dentist, periodontist Melitopol city stomatologic polyclinic Tatyana Kuzmenko says: brushing your teeth in the morning and evening is not enough. To be able to care for the oral cavity home set is required, consisting of several funds.

– Toothbrush and toothpaste is not enough, because they will not be able to efficiently clean the interdental space. Bacteria and food particles accumulate in these places. It is therefore necessary to use other means. For example, dental floss (floss), which is specially designed for cleaning between the teeth. Many people forget that the language that collects most of the bacteria in the oral cavity. It happens that the toothbrushes are already available with rezinovyj ribbed surface for cleaning the tongue. You can also separately buy special tools, such as scrapers for the language. Toothbrush to clean the tongue because the bacteria that mi cleans teeth, can be put in the mucous membrane of the tongue. The most advanced assistants for additional cleaning of the teeth are irrigators. With this device at home to promote good oral hygiene. Especially, it is important to irrigate those who wear braces, a mouth guard, or who have an overbite, crowding of teeth, – the doctor told Tatiana Kuzmenko.

There is another dilemma: when to brush your teeth before Breakfast or after. A often brush your teeth as soon as get out of bed. However, this is completely wrong, says Tatiana Kuzmenko.

– Need to brush your teeth twice a day, morning and evening. Woke up, rinsed my mouth with plain water, ate, the teeth should be brushed after eating. Then you can gargle with mouthwash. We also recommend the use of floss after every meal and interdental brushes for cleaning interdental spaces. The evening for the night we clean the mouth when we sleep saliva is not secreted naturally and bacteria that remain in the mouth without saliva, contribute to the emergence of inflammatory processes. After each meal, it is sufficient to rinse the mouth with plain water or a prophylactic rinses, no more.

The doctor advises not to get involved in therapeutic rinses, and to give preference to preventive that can be used for 4 months.

Therapeutic rinses can be used only after consulting a doctor and by appointment, if the use of such chemicals for a long period of time, they can harm. They are used, for example, in the acute stage of gum disease.

If we talk about which toothpaste to choose someone here should also only be a specialist.

Need to brush your teeth at least 2-3 minutes, insists Tatiana Kuzmenko. And advises on how to choose the right toothbrush.

– Choosing a toothbrush you need to consider, first, the stiffness of the bristle, size, comfort grip handle. Most used brush of medium hardness. Soft bristles ideal for sensitive teeth and problems of bleeding gums and the hard – for healthy teeth and care for dentures. A toothbrush should be changed every three months, because of the damp environment it can accumulate bacteria.

Many people today prefer electric tooth brushes. The doctor said that no harm from them, besides, and limitations in use, as such, too.

For fresh breath the doctor also recommends the use of chewing gum.

– After a meal, but no more than 2 minutes, the main food residues chewing gum will take away.