Not a single cherry – Melitopol growers have started experimenting with exotic South

Не черешней единой - мелитопольские садоводы начали эксперименты с южной экзотикой

Many exotic fruits are successfully grown in our climate. Along with the traditional cherries, cherries, an Apple tree in Melitopol appear persimmons and pomegranate. However, such experiments are, for the most part, the gardeners. Director of the experimental station of gardening them. Sidorenko Vladimir Senin said, grow South “guest” is not so easy.

The gardeners have long grown resistant varieties of subtropical plants, which include pomegranate, persimmon. But it does not industrial level, lay the plantation of the same gardeners-fans. As for climate change, we are in the zone of risky agriculture – not enough rain, not fenced nor mountainous obstacles, we have no nearby large warm body of water, which would have kept the return of cold, which for our region is very dangerous. They usually happen in April and lasts until the beginning of may. To say that we can dramatically expand the list of fruit crops that are grown to the South – prematurely. But many are experimenting, choose resistant varieties that can withstand lower temperature, – concluded Vladimir Senin.