Not a single coronavirus: Important news you might have missed

Не коронавирусом единым: Важные новости, которые вы могли пропустить

17.03.2020, 21:00


10 important news stories of the day, not associated with the pandemic coronavirus

1. IN THE RRG AND THE OFFICE OF PUBLIC PROSECUTOR THERE WERE PERSONNEL CHANGES. The attorney General appointed Iryna Venediktova, respectively – she’s fired as Director of the State Bureau of investigation. The powers of the head of the RRG temporarily transferred to Deputy Director Alexander Sokolov, he began work on March 17.

2. IN CHINA UNSUCCESSFULLY LAUNCHED A NEW SPACE ROCKET. Yesterday’s debut of the first booster of a new generation of Long March 7A (Y1) in China ended in failure: the secret companion Xinjishu Yanzheng-6 came out on the calculated geosynchronous orbit.

3. UKRAINE HAS BEGUN THE TRANSIT OF OIL TO BELARUS. Ukrtransnafta to supply Azeri crude oil Azeri Light to the Mozyr refinery in the Gomel region made use of the Odessa-Brody pipeline and one of the two main branches of the Druzhba pipeline.

4. THE U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT DROPPED THE CHARGES WITH THE COMPANY “CHEF PUTIN.” The U.S. Department of justice asked the court to remove the first of the eight charges against the Russian company “Concord” Eugene Prigogine and owned by the defendant in the organization of the campaign in social networks with the intention of interfering in the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States. Namely, a conspiracy to commit fraud against the United States.

5. UKRAINIANS are among the 30 MOST SUCCESSFUL people in the WORLD under 30 years of age, compiled by Forbes: in the section “Technology” – Stas Matvienko and Anna Polishchuk, who created a service for ordering food Allset, as well as the founder of the fitness app BetterMe Victoria Turnips; in the section “Sport” got tennisace Elina Svitolina, and the “Entertainment” included singer Alyona Alyona.

6. BIDEN WON THE PRIMARIES IN WASHINGTON STATE. Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden defeated Senator Bernie Sanders in the democratic primaries in Washington state, which passed last week. Broadcaster NBC and the New York Times announced the results of counting of votes: Biden won by a small margin is 37.9% vs. 36.4%.

7. TESLA STARTED DELIVERIES OF THE NEW ELECTRIC CARS. The company Elon musk is beginning to deliver customers new electric cars the model Y. Electric car can travel without recharging up to 508,5 km, its top speed is 217 km/h. Y Model is available in five colors (white, black, grey, blue and red).

8. A COURT IN MOSCOW IN ABSENTIA ARRESTED FORMER MP IGOR MOSIYCHUK. Basmanny court of Moscow arrested in absentia of the Chairman, which the aggressor blames the “attack” on the Russian Embassy in Kyiv in 2016. Correspondence accusation Mosiychuk Sledkov RF put forward in December.

9. BOXER NIKOLAI BUTSENKO HAS WON THE OLYMPIC LICENSE. The Ukrainian Boxing team won the first place in Tokyo 2020. Butsenko acts in weight category to 57 kg In 1/8 final of European qualifying tournament in London butsenko the unanimous decision of judges has won basiana Arthur from Armenia.

10. NASA HAS REVEALED A NEW PHOTO OF JUPITER. The Juno spacecraft took a picture of the southern hemisphere of the planet Jupiter. The is a composition of four frames that Juno did in 29 minutes. At the time of shooting Juno was at a distance 49 between 500 km and 100-400 km from clouds of Jupiter.