Not about coronavirus: the Ministry of health told how not to get infected in the water

Не о коронавирусе: в Минздраве рассказали, как не подхватить инфекцию во время отдыха у воды

Lyashko also said that in some cases it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor.

The Deputy Minister of health – chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko told what the basic safety rules you need to follow to stay in the pond ended in the infectious hospital.

About this Lyashko wrote on his page in Facebook. “And, this time, we are not talking about the coronavirus – open waters are not considered a source of transmission of the new coronavirus disease,” he said.

According to the chief sanvracha, we are talking about giardiasis, leptospirosis, rotavirus a, hepatitis A, cholera, shigellosis, salmonellosis, typhoid fever. He said that these infections can be picked up while swimming in contaminated waters.

In order to avoid this, Lyashko advises the following:

  • choose to stay with the lake and beach, which have an appropriate permission;
  • don’t drink water from the pond, to wash her vegetables and fruits;
  • do not bathe in the presence of skin lesions, and the presence of SARS or immediately thereafter;
  • while bathing do not ingest water from the reservoir;
  • don’t consume alcoholic beverages and do not bathe in an alcohol intoxication;
  • do not bathe in reservoirs with Pets;
  • get round ponds, near which stands a sign “swimming is prohibited” and also ponds of stagnant water with thickets or where ducks.

“Symptoms of possible infection can sometimes occur almost immediately, but sometimes it takes a few days or even a couple of weeks after swimming in the pond. Dangerous symptoms are itching, rash on the skin and mucous membranes, discharge from the genital organs, dyspepsia, fever. In these cases, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor,” – said Lyashko.

He also added on the need to maintain social distance, because the coronavirus has not yet been overcome.

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