Not enough songs anybody. The synopsis for the new Parliament, which will meet on 3 September

Не хватает песни Шуфутинского. Конспект для новой Рады, которая соберется 3 сентября

The first meeting of Parliament of the ninth convocation may be held on 3 September. This date is now called the President’s team as the most likely, despite the jokes and memy that in this case, the meeting must open the anybody with his song “3rd of September”. According to tradition, people’s deputies will take the oath, and then before them will be the President with the solemn message. And – for work. “News” dismantled the main challenges facing the deputies, and made them a short synopsis-“book of problems” with the basic bills you need to consider first.

The personnel Department

At the first meeting of the Parliament will be determined (at least partially) the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers. This was told at a briefing the representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus: “Everything will be very fast. I think the new Cabinet will be formed in the first or second day of the new Parliament“, – he said.

There are several variants of short-list candidates for the post of Prime Minister. In the first version (voiced by future Deputy David Arakhamiya), among the candidates – the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey KOBOLEV, CEO of Naftogaz Yuriy Vitrenko, Deputy of the office of the President on the economy Alexey Goncharuk Vladislav Rashkovan, representing Ukraine at the IMF. Surname Goncharuk and Vitrenko also called oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in a recent interview.

And according to another version, as candidates consider and security Council Secretary Alexander Danilyuk and economist, presidential adviser Oleg Ustenko. HR package for Ministers and heads of departments, which will be offered in the SN depends on who will become Prime Minister – that he will submit candidates to the President. According to our data, today accurate list of the names does not yet exist.

But the speaker of Parliament very likely will be the current Chapter CH Dmitry Razumkov. The position of first Deputy speaker in the President’s party promise to give the opposition.

The law of impeachment

The draft law, the President submitted to Parliament on 29 may, but then it was more of a political move (the project had no chance of being adopted by the deputies of the VIII convocation, as was applied in relation to the initiative to abolish the immunity). According to the project, the procedure for termination of the President’s authority initiates the majority of the deputies of the constitutional composition (i.e., 225+), following the conclusion of the temporary investigative Commission of the Commission of the President of a crime. The head of state, by the way, have the right to lawyers, and the decision on his retirement should take in at least 337 of deputies (three-quarters of the Parliament).

Vladimir Zelensky will have to “PereVesti” project to Parliament. At the headquarters of SN on election day, the President promised that the law will be adopted by a new convocation. “This will be one of the first laws that will make “servant of the people”. The decision of the whole party, each of us,” promised then Zelensky.

The deprivation of immunity

Main campaign promise “Servants of the people”, “Voices”, “Batkivshchyna” – the abolition of immunity of deputies, judges and the President. However, at the end of July No. 5 of the list SN Galina Yanchenko made the resonant statement: the question of lifting parliamentary immunity can be replaced by its “substantial restriction” in terms of criminal responsibility (according to her, the idea is to “significantly simplify” all the stages of the involvement of the MP, however, the question of arrest to still make the vote in the session hall).

The voice of the fraction of SN and probable future leader, David Arakhamiya, said that, indeed, about a dozen MPs do not support the idea of a complete abolition of immunity, but the position on this question will be hard, because the candidates signed a special Memorandum, pledging to vote in favour. Another idea is to provide voters the right of recall of MPs and deputies of local legislatures (such ideas, at least, sounded in SN).

Touch button

Very important task is the declared fraction of the SN, – the creation of conditions for struggle against non-personal voting (the ear, or “playing the piano”). To do this, the SN plans to launch, finally, in the “touch button” installed on workplaces of deputies in 2013 and never plugged in – there was no political will. Also plan to introduce criminal liability for those colleagues who will vote “for itself and for that guy”.

There is a clear rule of law, which says that the vote must be personal. Criminal liability can be under penalty, and in real terms“, – says Dmitry Razumkov. It is assumed that, if the Deputy caught not personal vote one or more times, he will automatically lose the mandate after the verdict.

The fight against corruption

In “the Servant of the people” ready several first decisions: according to the Deputy Anastasia Krasnosel’skii, the priority will be the return of criminal liability for illicit enrichment (the constitutional court declared this article of the criminal code “unconstitutional” according to the complaint 59 deputies in February 2019). “It should be a crime. We will also talk about the reboot of the Agency for prevention of corruption – talking about how to quickly and effectively check all the declarations of officials“, – says Krasnosel’skaya.

Also among the ideas – civil forfeiture (a bill the President has submitted to the Parliament by the President, however, it will have to “PereVesti” in the new convocation), implying the removal of officials of illegally obtained assets, under the responsibility falls to those who have significantly different incomes with the amount of purchases.


Obviously, clear understanding of what to keep and what to change in this area, the SN and its future partners in the Parliament yet. However, medifarma is in the top promises, and therefore also falls into the exercise book “Messages”.

Nothing that was done well by past governments, no one is going to cancel. We are not the Communist party, that is either to destroy the base, and then to build anew, “said a medical Advisor to the President Michael radutsky in a recent interview.

But the people’s Deputy-a mazhoritarshchik Evgeny Shevchenko believes that the reform is subject to audit. “The horror that was done Suprun, definitely needs to be fixed. Medical reform can actually be compared with the Zaporozhye bridges. It began to build later abandoned and forgotten. It is just not valid, “wrote Shevchenko in social networks, promising that SN will unambiguously vote for the dismissal of acting Minister Uliana Suprun.

The law on Donbass

Few people remember that the Parliament in October, will face the need to extend the law on special self-government order in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This law was passed in September 2014 (after the signing of the first Minsk agreement) and entered into force on 18 October of the same year for a period of three years.

Its action has been extended by special act of Parliament twice, in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The first time the vote has caused a nervous reaction of some deputies and public organizations. The reason is in the content: the law of “sleep” (i.e. does not take effect until you run a full implementation of the Minsk agreements), it implies a special procedure for local self-government bodies, selected on extraordinary elections in Donetsk and Luhansk – but only after the necessary conditions such as the withdrawal of all illegal armed formations and their equipment from the territory of Ukraine.

Pension reform

It is also one of the main tasks declared as a “Servant of the people” and “the Voice.” Future Deputy from the presidential faction Galina Tretyakov during the panel discussions during the training of deputies in Truskavets outlined plans to introduce changes in the sphere of pension provision: this is the start of the second level support (in addition to compulsory contributions to the current PAYG pension system will be introduced deductions on personal accounts of citizens), in addition, the incorporation of the third tier (i.e. voluntary pension insurance).

We’ll do this without a state savings Fund, without any assistance from the state, says Tretyakov. – Will be created a clear system of state supervision over financial institutions, which will deal with the insurance and savings“. The plan is to make the funds non-state funds to work on the Ukrainian stock market or “how domestic investment”.

Another innovation, proposed SN – voluntary retirement: even if the person has reached 70 years of age, it will not be able to dismiss on this ground. Forms of welfare in the case of retirement at 65 or 70 years, obviously, will vary. It may be embedded experiment with the “gradual” retirement (when people will reduce their working hours, replacing the pension portion of foregone labor income).