Not even the corrupt officials: Nikolay Tomenko called the main problem of the Ukrainian authorities

Даже не коррупционеры: Николай Томенко назвал главную проблему украинской власти

March 17 – the Cabinet of Ministers at the request of the President imposed a state of emergency in Chernivtsi, and Zhytomyr regions.

March 18 – the Kyiv regional state administration introduced the state of emergency in Kyiv region.

18 Sep Prime Minister instructed the justice Ministry to prepare a bill on the right of the President alone can declare a state of emergency in Ukraine.

All of these actions are unconstitutional and illegal!!!

In accordance with section 31 of article 85 of the Constitution the powers of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine belongs to the “approval within two days after the request of the President of Ukraine decrees on the introduction… state of emergency in Ukraine or in its particular areas…”!

In accordance with the Law “On legal regime of emergency situation” and his 5 and 6 articles clearly spelled out the procedure of introduction of state of emergency:

1. The proposal of the Council or KM;

2. The decree of the President necessarily defined by paragraphs 5 rationale and objectives;

3. Approval of BP.

Now, regarding the unconstitutional and illegal initiatives of Smugala on the development of a bill about the exclusive right of the President to impose a state of emergency!

Let me remind you of the constitutional legal ignoramuses and blockheads that the bill on amendments to the Constitution have the right to submit only the President or at least one third of deputies. (See article 154 of the Constitution).

I am convinced that the officials and all civil servants must pass tests on knowledge of the Constitution of Ukraine!

Otherwise trouble trouble and chaos with irresponsibility!

Даже не коррупционеры: Николай Томенко назвал главную проблему украинской власти