Not everything is so rosy: Samsung Galaxy S10 checked for suitability for repair

Не все так радужно: смартфоны Samsung Galaxy S10 проверили на пригодность к ремонту

Expert resource iFixit have got the new line of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10. The specialists of the portal is completely dismantled flagship devices and checked the quality of Assembly and maintainability.

As reported 4PDA, despite the large amount of glue that holds the back cover, its removal in all three cases was not major problems, and disconnecting the system Board took very little time.

However, this is the easy part demolition is over – according to a report by iFixit, the USB Type-C in each model is soldered to the motherboard and its replacement will be a complicated procedure. Batteries smartphones firmly attached to the body, which complicates the possibility of withdrawing them.

The biggest problem experts have called ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into the display device. It is so tightly integrated into the matrix, which in the case of a point of damage to the glass in the area the scanner will need to replace the whole screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10 fully disassembled – watch the video

The Samsung Galaxy S10e sensor is in the button switch, however, iFixit noted that its location also carries the risk of breakage of the display, which will need to dismantle to access the module.

Upon completion of the disassembly experts assessed the maintainability of the new products on 3 out of 10 points – one point less than last year’s Samsung Galaxy S9.

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