“Not gonna get us”. The Tu-160 has overtaken the F-35 in Vladivostok

«Нас не догонят». Ту-160 обогнал F-35 под Владивостоком

The Chinese media blamed the F-35 to the dump.

According to Chinese Internet portal Sina, at the beginning of November this year over the Japanese sea, almost near Vladivostok, American planes tried to pursue the Russian warplane.

The strategic bomber Tu-160 performed a routine combat training flight when he “on the tail” got two American fighter F-35, based in Japan. In full compliance with the old pop hit of the early 2000s, “not gonna get Us” Russian bomber ahead of the American F-35 and safely away from the chase.

Given that the maximum possible speed of the Tu-160 is approximately equal to 2221 km/h, and the maximum possible speed of flight of the F-35, in turn, will be equal to 1930 km/h, by itself, this information seems to be quite realistic. Indeed, supersonic Tu-160 can outrun the F-35.

In this case, we have to admit defeat American aircraft: the Russian bomber, developed in the 1980-ies, has been able to successfully overtake and break away from the chase from the newest of American fighters of the fifth generation.

However, the joy about this may be premature. The fact that the American fifth generation fighter was specifically designed with the expense of speed in favor of maneuverability and document the weight of the payload. Theorists believe the U.S. air force, that aircraft armed with long-range weapons, does not need high speed – it can get its hands on enemy missiles.

Thus, it can be assumed that in case of clashes, the Russian Tu-160 could not be so easy to get away from American fighters. However, this is unlikely to be in case of war, the Tu-160 followed the route of the combat mission in splendid isolation.