Not officially dismissed, but consider myself free: zhebrivskyi said whether the auditor NABOO

Официально не уволен, но считаю себя свободным: Жебривский уточнил, является ли аудитором НАБУ

The former head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi said that the letter of resignation from the post of auditor of NABOO was never officially adopted. He said this on a talk show “Epicenter of Ukrainian politics” on TV channel NEWSONE

Zhebrivskyi explained that is not working, because he was not given the opportunity to work with the auditor NABOO. He engaged in politics and is preparing for parliamentary elections.

“When I was appointed, there was a promise that the Parliament will adopt regulations that will allow us to begin the audit. I waited six months, decisions have not been taken and I, as a responsible person filed a report about resignation”, – he said.

The ex-head of Donetsk OVGA said that the decree on his dismissal there, but he believes himself to be free, because two weeks have passed after he officially sent its statement, besides, it is not possible to carry out their work.

“I, as auditor, has not been activated do not receive a salary, to me nobody signed a contract, harms the state I his presence at office is not done… the administration of the President would have to answer me, but, unfortunately, the answer is no. But it’s not my problem, but the problem up”, – he added.

According to Zhebrivsky, to conduct an audit is impossible.

“Today it is unreal. In fact, only four months before the end of term of the auditor NABOO. An audit is necessary to restart… I’m more the auditor will not go,” he said.

  • He asked the President about resignation from the post of head of Donetsk OVGA. This post he held from 11 June 2015.
  • Zhebrivskyi said that its experience is fully consistent with the position of an auditor, as he was the investigating officer and the Prosecutor. He also stated that the audit NABOO will be held in October-December 2018.