Not only the cough and the fever: doctors have called a new unusual symptom coronavirus

Не только кашель и жар: медики назвали новый необычный симптом коронавируса

Doctors discovered a new symptom COVID-10, which previously did not pay attention.

Coronavirus in Ukraine have picked more than 900 people, and the total number of infected people worldwide has exceeded one million people. Scientists from all countries are studying the disease to find out how it manifests itself in the early stages and how to avoid infection.

According to the newspaper Vesti, the total list of all symptoms of coronavirus added another, which was captured by American doctors. Professor of dermatology at the University of California Randy Jacobs reported that COVID-19 can manifest in the form of rashes on the skin. Her patient was hospitalized with the diagnosis of coronavirus, and in explaining the history of the disease was able to learn about another symptom.

“His symptoms started about 10 days ago with low temperatures, nasal congestion, and later secretions from the nose and wet cough without shortness of breath. The patient thought he had a cold. A week later, he noticed a temporary, not itchy blanching, vascular rash on one side of the front of the thigh. It was observed for 24 hours, and then completely disappeared. Simultaneously, vascular rash, the patient noticed bright red hematuria (blood in urine) and General weakness,” said the doctor.

The next day the symptoms disappeared, and in their place came a dry cough, severe weakness, a test of the COVID-19 was positive. He was hospitalized, and he is on oxygen support.

Randy Jacobs added that these symptoms did not arise only from her patients, colleagues reported that skin rashes in patients with the coronavirus have been recorded also in other patients.

This information was commented by the Professor, the Vice-President of the Ukrainian Association of doctors-dermatovenerologists and cosmetologists Tatiana Svyatenko.

“These symptoms are signs of occlusion (blockage) of small blood vessels. It can be petechiae or tiny bruises, and/or temporary rashes on the body. Perhaps Randy Jacobs observed cutaneous manifestations of coronavirus. But it is also possible that they are accidental finds or concurrent disease. It is also possible that this adverse reaction to get treatment. But to say anything with absolute certainty yet. Need time to analyze and verify the facts, which are now collected by the doctors from all over the world,” – said Ukrainian doctor.

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