Not sent to prison? In the case of murder of Dashi Lukyanenko has been a new twist

Не посадят? В деле об убийстве Даши Лукьяненко наметился новый поворот

A suspect in the murder of 11-year-old Dasha Lukyanenko Nikolay Tarasov was sent for a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination.

The corresponding decision was made by the court on 9 August. Examination he will take place in the Odessa regional mental health center, writes “Duma”.

The experts put the task to check whether Tarasov sane at the time of the crime.

Note that the request for examination was filed by the investigator, and the Prosecutor supported it. Tarasov and his counsel against the examination also did not mind.

In addition, the court extended the maintenance of the suspect under guards for two months.

Recall that Tarasov is charged with four offences under the criminal code: part 2 article 146, part 4 article 152, paragraphs 2 and 10 of part 2 of article 115, article 297 – “theft”, “attempted statutory rape”, “murder juvenile, interfaced to rape” and “desecration of the body.”

  • June 19 in the village of Ivanivka Odessa oblast found the body of missing 11-year-old Dasha Lukyanenko.
  • There is information that the killer Dasha Nikolai Tarasov could have some time to hide the corpse of the girl in the fridge.
  • It turned out that the parents of the suspect in the murder of 11-year-old girl Nikolay Tarasov beat children with a stick and called a “bastard” and “cattle”.
  • It became known that the mother Tarasova knew about the crime before the arrest of his son.