Not the army: U.S. General called the only power of Russia

Не армия: генерал США назвал единственную силу России

The attack on Georgia in 2008, Russia had no strategy, no coordination between the troops. And won by the Russians solely because of their numerical superiority.

In an interview with Yegor Kuropteva for the program “ZONA Border,” said Brigadier U.S. army General Ronald Mangum, who worked in Georgia in 2005-2011 military Advisor.

“I do not perceive Russia as a threat to the United States. All that is now Russia… is a nuclear weapon. If they did not have nuclear weapons, I don’t think anyone would pay to Russia attention,” said Ronald.

The man noted that at the time of the Russian aggression, the efficiency of the Georgian army was high, and the actions of the Russian army was shameful.

Arguments – the large losses of Russian aviation. General claims that the Russians were flying drunk, and speaking to each other using a Georgian SIM card. Moreover, to persuade pilots to fight in Georgia, had to personally to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“Because there were so many Russian aircraft shot down during the war, which you never hear,” he said.

According to him, Georgian air defenses have destroyed 6-8 planes of the Russian air force.

The General believes that to stop the advance Russia made the arrival in Tbilisi of an American military transport aircraft C-130:

“My group consisted of twelve or fourteen retired U.S. military, who worked as advisers at the Ministry of defence of Georgia. We were told that the Ministry of defence may be a target for bombing by Russia. I said, “Okay, but this is our job. This is our service”. And we continued to work in the building of the Ministry.”

The full interview with Ronald Mangum:

Не армия: генерал США назвал единственную силу России

Не армия: генерал США назвал единственную силу России