Not to drink – health harm: can lead to full refusal of alcohol

Не пить - здоровью вредить: к чему может привести полный отказ от алкоголя

A group of researchers from France and the UK found that the refusal of alcoholic beverages can lead to the development of dementia. But do not hurry to rejoice, lovers sit in the evening with a bottle of beer! According to scientists, excessive consumption of alcohol is also harmful for the body.

Experts at University College London together with colleagues from the French national Institute of health examined data on almost 10 million Britons to assess the impact of alcohol on their body. For the study used the data of people whose age in 1985 amounted to 30-35 years.

So it became clear that to date almost 400 participants in the experiment appeared dementia. This disease is characterized by a significant decrease in mental activity and loss of previously acquired skills. The average age of development of dementia was 76 years old.

Scientists emphasize that the disease progressed mainly in those people who decided to give up alcohol. However, the risk group included those British people whose level of alcohol consumption exceeded the permissible level in 14 alcoholic units per week.

One alcohol unit of alcohol is 10 ml of alcohol. According to scientists, in order to avoid developing dementia, it is necessary to drink between 1 and 14 alcoholic units per week.