Not where the tourists go: the published rating of the countries in which travel less

Куди не їдуть туристи: опубліковано рейтинг країн, до яких подорожують найменше

Among European countries the highest in the rating of the Republic of Moldova

British experts conducted a study, which compared the number of annual foreign visitors to each country, with the population reported in the “NV” with reference to the Independent.

The rating was headed by Bangladesh, while more than 160 million citizens in 2014 the country was visited by only 125 thousand tourists. Thus, one tourist in this country is of 1 273 inhabitants. For comparison, Ireland is home to about 4.8 million people, and in 2017 it was visited by more than 9 million visitors, and consequently, one local resident has two tourists.

Despite the fact that in Bangladesh, there are some excellent walks, beautiful beaches and Safari, it could become a popular place to travel. However, persistent safety concerns, the likelihood of floods and sbst local population scare away most tourists, except, of course, fans of extreme sports.

It should be noted that among European countries the highest rating in the Republic of Moldova, it is in third place.

Top 10 seldom visited by tourists of the world:

  • Bangladesh
  • Guinea
  • Moldova
  • India
  • Sierra Leone
  • Niger
  • Ethiopia
  • Chad
  • Madagascar
  • Small

As reported 5.UA that the world tourism organization has published the rating of the most popular countries among tourists.