“Nothing will help”: findings for Poroshenko shook the whole of Ukraine

"Уже ничто не поможет": Результаты анализов Порошенко потрясли всю Украину

Medical examination which the candidate for President Pyotr Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky, can bring huge benefits to the country

Before the debate in the second round of the presidential race both favorite passed tests for drug and alcohol addiction. Political analyst Andrey Golovachev was shocked by the idea of expertise. In his opinion, the results can be much bigger than it seems at first glance.

“Peter, keep on writing, you’re making a very important contribution to the building of democracy in Ukraine”, – said the expert to the President. He supported the initiative of the candidates and personally the head of state, urging the society in the absence of bad habits. According to Andrey Golovachev, Petro Poroshenko, has nothing to help win in the second round of voting.

“Impossible five years shamelessly steal, to build a corrupt hierarchy, constantly lying to society, and then a couple of times to piss in a jar and win the election. In Ukraine, thank God, this is impossible!” – said Andrey Golovachev.

Innovation elections in 2019 may create a useful precedent in the future. According to expert, independent medical examination of all candidates for key state posts. So Ukraine will cease to be a hostage of drug addicts, alcoholics, psychopaths, sex addicts, narcissists and mentally retarded people.

“We hope that someday our BP, based on the experience of the “war tubes” between Zelensky and Poroshenko will finally corresponding law”, – says Andrey Golovachev. He advised the President to pass a urine analysis in the future. Thus Poroshenko is making an important contribution to the development of Ukrainian democracy. “It will be reckoned to and it will be a mitigating factor when assessing your tireless work on the post of the President”, – concluded the analyst.

It should be noted that on 10 April Petro Poroshenko has handed over repeated analyses of the representatives of the anti-doping organization VADA in the sports complex “Olympic”. It is advised to make the famous boxer Wladimir Klitschko. In the past he has frequently collaborated with this organization. Expertise offered to go and Vladimir Zelensky, but he refused.

“We closed already the subject of analysis. We believe that this is blatant flirting with the audience. We passed the tests at an independent clinic, which will be further tested in European clinics. This issue is already closed”, – said the representatives of candidate.

"Уже ничто не поможет": Результаты анализов Порошенко потрясли всю Украину

"Уже ничто не поможет": Результаты анализов Порошенко потрясли всю Украину