November 9, 2018 – a holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

9 листопада 2018 – яке свято сьогодні в Україні та що не можна

November 9, 2018 in honor of Nestor the Chronicler – monk of Kiev-Pechersk monastery, the first ancient writer and chronicler of the follower of creators of Slavic writing Cyril and Methodius. He is traditionally considered one of the authors of “the Tale of bygone years”.

Also the memorial day of Nestor the Chronicler celebrates the Day of Ukrainian writing and language, and traditionally spelled radiodyktant all-Ukrainian national unity. Nestor the Chronicler is the patron Saint of writers, journalists and historians.

Birthday 9 Nov celebrate: Nestor.

Folk omens on 9 November

– Frost on the trees is to predict frost.

– Snow fell on the damp earth – will be an early spring with lots of snowdrops.

What you can do November 9

1. If this day to make a promise and fulfill it, everything bad will remain in the past.

2. If someone close to you is sick, you need to give a vow to fulfill it, and very soon the person will recover

What not to do November 9

1. It is impossible to ignore the performance of the promise, because it can lead to disaster.

2. If your life is connected with the stage, and after the show you will accept the gift of flowers, then soon, your popularity will fade.

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