Novoaydarsky district arose from two forest fires (photo, video)

On 11 June, 16:00, in the Sandy forest area of GP “the Novoaydarsky lesookhotnichye jokaista”, near the village Purdivka Novosibirskogo area there was grass-roots forest fire on the area of 0.3 to 5 hectares.

As of 17:00 with the efforts of the forest fire service the forest fire was localized.

For the elimination of fire were involved 2 vehicles, 9 people and a tractor forestry.

Also there was a fire in a wooded area of Okhtyrka of the forest area of GP “the Novoaydarsky lesookhotnichye economy”. Thanks to prompt and professional actions of the state forest protection of forestry forest fire was extinguished on the area of 0.01 ha.

The state forest guard recalls that in this period increases dramatically the risk of forest fires. Forest fires were and are the biggest trouble for the forest. For a few minutes they can destroy or damage forest plantations, which have grown over decades. In this case the losses are not only forests, vegetation, killed wild animals, birds, insects.

In order to prevent fire in the forest, it is necessary to observe fire safety rules:

in the fire season not light fire in coniferous young growths, on areas of damaged forest, in places with dried grass, and under trees;

– do not dispose of outstanding cigarettes and matches, do not allow children to play with fire;

– before leaving the forest fire must be carefully covered with earth or flooded with water until the complete cessation of corruption.