Now finally: Huawei and Synopsys terminated the agreement on cooperation

Теперь окончательно: Huawei и Synopsys расторгли соглашение о сотрудничестве

American contractor has developed software for mobile chipset Kirin.

The introduction of Chinese IT giant Huawei in the “black list” of the administration of the trump imply an unofficial ban American companies to cooperate with the Chinese. So, a developer of mobile processor Huawei Hisilicon company lost software – finally: Huawei and Synopsys terminated the agreement on cooperation.

American programmers provided hardware chipset Kirin algorithms. The latest development in the cooperation of steel chips Kirin 985 and 990 models came on the market, but they’ve developed that allows you to create another generation of devices.

In addition to Synopsys, on the termination of the contracts was announced by the owners of Cadence Design Systems, who also worked on the family Kirin. According to analysts, the loss of contractors will significantly slow down the progress of the Chinese company.

It is worth noting that the company HiSilicon has all the tools to create chipsets, but the lack of access to advanced development will lead to loss of market positions. Some experts believe that US policy is not due to Huawei ties to the Chinese government, and the success of the manufacturer, which actively oppresses Apple.