Now I’m a “terrorist”: Liya Akhedzhakova complained of persecution in Russia

Тепер я "терористка":  Лія Ахеджакова поскаржилася на цькування в Росії

Liya Akhedzhakova

The Internet is just ruthless to Akhedzhakova for its position in the Ukrainian Crimea

Famous Russian theater and film actress Liya Akhedzhakova, publicly stated that the Ukrainian Crimea, and in Russia it began to show disrespect and poison. About this she told the publication “the Source”, reports UNIAN.

“Now I – “terrorist” in relation to the Crimea. However, I am a “terrorist” in the company of the most distinguished representatives of our culture. We are the “enemies of the people” and, most importantly, the “terrorists”. But such great company is an honor for me… I’m all Crimea has traveled, he’s part of my life. But it absolutely does not justify theft. I believe that the Crimea belongs to Ukraine. How is it possible – squeeze the living space from a neighbor? Especially when he has problems?” – the question is Akhedzhakova.

The actress admits: “the Internet to me ruthless, sometimes you have to talk to a lawyer… the impression that I had been running a campaign: so many lies, black hatred, three fake pages on Twitter, accusations of extremism”.

In addition, Pro-Russian-minded residents even got to the family Akhedzhakova.

“Even my family – mom, dad is not left without lies and malice. We arrived in Tyumen with the performance. I was insulted on local TV, threw flyers around the hall and foyer. It was written that I “rusofobka”, “girlfriend mom Nadezhda Savchenko”. And I do neither Nadia, nor her mother did not know” – said Mrs. Lea.

Note that previously, Liya Akhedzhakova called for the release of Ukrainian political prisoner, Director Oleg Sentsov.

Recall that last year, two Russians from the block Navalny has asked for political asylum in Ukraine.