Now in Cyprus. PrivatBank filed a new lawsuit against Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov

Теперь на Кипре. Приватбанк подал новый иск против Коломойского и Боголюбова

PrivatBank has recently filed a new lawsuit in the court of Cyprus with the purpose of damages in the amount of 5.5 billion dollars. The United States in connection with schemes that have all the signs of fraud and money laundering and who, according to the Bank, were implemented by his former owners – Mr Igor Kolomoisky and Mr Gennadiy Bogolyubov, one of the former officials – Timur Novikov, and the two Cypriot companies PrimeCap (Cyprus) Limited and Duxton Holdings Limited.

Presentation of a new claim in Cyprus took place on 3 April 2020, after the court’s order against PrimeCap for the conservation of documents. The presentation of the claim to the foreign defendants will be held properly.

The claim of the Bank for the two series of transactions which the Bank claims was illegally carried out in the period between 2013 and 2016, as directed by his former owners and with the assistance of other defendants that provide for payment of huge amounts to companies which are owned and/or controlled by Mr Kolomoisky and Mr Bogolyubov, in accordance with the loan agreements, which, according to the Bank, are imaginary and none of which was repaid.

Such transactions involved the scheme in which 2.34 billion dollars. United States was sent to the Cypriot company affiliated with the former owners of the Bank – Duxton Holdings Limited, by transferring tranches of $ 30 million. USA for four months in 2013.

This lawsuit is part of the requirements of the PrivatBank against Mr Kolomoisky and Mr Bogolyubov considered in England, Cyprus, USA and Israel, totaling more than $ 10 billion. USA. The Bank is to receive reimbursement from its former owners in full in connection with incurred damage during a period when the Bank was under their possession and control, and aims to achieve justice for both the Bank and for the Ukrainian taxpayers.