Now live: “servant of the people” proposed to repeal important tax

Теперь заживем: "Слуга народа" предложила отменить важный налог

The Verkhovna Rada registered a bill that proposes the introduction in Ukraine of a progressive scale of taxation prevailing in the EU. Such a tax were in place in Ukraine – it was canceled in 2004 for the fight with the shadow wage. The essence of the filed “Servants” of the bill – the more you get, the less you pay and Vice versa. Read more says the portal is “Country”.

In was in Parliament the bill proposed increasing the maximum income tax rate from 18% to 27%. To pay as much will be the people receiving over 200 times the minimum wage (currently from 940 thousand UAH per month). At the same time, the proposed tax rate reduction for the recipients of salaries are less than 5 minimum wages (up to 23.5 thousand UAH). Recipients of the minimum wage is proposed and is exempt from the tax.

In addition, the bill provides for the abolition of the tax on deposits – including to cancel proposed military training – in the amount of 19.5%.

These changes beneficial to the citizens receiving low wages, as well as the Ukrainians, officially receiving “minimal” and the rest in envelopes. However, experts warn that soon it is possible to introduce universal Declaration of income, and therefore taxes will have to pay not only the official salary, but all income. Rumors about the planned universal Declaration have been circulating for some time – recently on plans said the head of Committee of Parliament on financial matters Danil Getmantsev. According to him, the universal Declaration is a logical completion of the tax reform.