Now the chances of Putin left, he was seriously scared! USA made a followup punch that

Теперь шансов у Путина не осталось, он не на шутку испугался! США нанесли контрольный удар, который

The Kremlin again started talking about Russophobia from the US, and it means that Congress once again tightened the nuts to Putin and his entourage

Such statements in the white stone, the last of which was March 13, – a sign of fear, I’m sure the journalist Ivan Yakovina. And this fear is not unfounded: a day earlier, on March 12, the U.S. Congress passed a package of three bills and one resolution on countering the aggressive actions of Russia.

The first “hard” – the law that required the Director of National intelligence of the United States for six months to prepare a report on all the assets of Vladimir Putin and his entourage, both on the West and in Russia.

The second law also relates to the DCS, and prescribes him three months to report on possible hostile actions of Russia against NATO, and about Russia’s attempts “to exploit the weaknesses and divisions among its Western opponents.”

Control shot – the third law, which prohibits the President and the government of the United States to recognize Crimea as Russian territory – both legally and factually.

The icing on the cake – a congressional resolution condemning Russian President for a classification of the circumstances of the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and Moscow calling for an international investigation of this murder, and the White house to impose sanctions against the alleged organizers and perpetrators of the murder.

The Kremlin reacted immediately.

“Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, having read all of these documents, immediately declared them harmful and aimed at the complexity of relationships. And, of course, Russophobic: “This is a continuation of the hostile, rabid Russophobic line. This is a continuation of emotional exaltation. Any expert can easily predict that the closer the presidential elections, the voltage of Russophobia will only increase”, – the author writes.

In fact, the bills, which apparently are very afraid in the Kremlin have nothing to do with Russophobia, said the journalist. Rather, they will have the opposite effect:

“The discovery and seizure of Putin and his cronies stolen money in Russia, is not Russophobia, and very contrary. If the Americans will hand the thieves, the people of Russia will tell them “thank you very much,” explains Yakovina.

Putin is just really scared for his billions for his Panamanian offshore stores old friend Sergei Roldugin. And hardly just him. The new laws will lead to the fact that all of them check and the money will be taken.

Cannot be Russophobia and the requirement to find the killers of Boris Nemtsov. The language of international law this is justice. This so scared the Kremlin.

Likely to go unpunished, Putin and his entourage have less. Soon Congress will consider the package “of Sanctions from Hell”, which went to the American MPs. Ceremony no longer.

Теперь шансов у Путина не осталось, он не на шутку испугался! США нанесли контрольный удар, который

Теперь шансов у Путина не осталось, он не на шутку испугался! США нанесли контрольный удар, который