NSDC wants to restore the public health services: why and how it will look

СНБО хочет восстановить Санэпидемслужбу: для чего и как это будет выглядеть

The Council of national security and defense asked the Cabinet to resume the work of the sanitary-epidemiological service. However, its purpose is not to test cafes and canteens.

Sanitary-epidemiological service shall carry out its direct functions, it was stated by the Secretary SBNO Alexander Danilov, reports TSN.

So Danilov answered questions about the system of biological protection in Ukraine in the context of the epidemic of coronavirus in China.

It’s not a test, so to speak, canteens, cafes, restaurants, and only struggle with those things, which are today in the country

he said.

Danilov added that a system of biological protection, “which we wanted”, while another test can’t.

“But we are fully prepared, if there are any challenges. We have an understanding of, say, the provision of medical substances, we have the provision of the appropriate medical staff”, – assured the Secretary of the NSDC.

Help. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in may 2017, eliminated the State sanitary and epidemiological service due to inexpediency of further operation. Today the functions of the liquidated services provide the Ministry of health, Gastrula and the state foods and consumer service.

Ukrainians evacuated from China in Novye Sanzhary: main

  • The plane with 45 Ukrainians and 27 foreigners who have been evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, landed in Kharkiv on 20 February.
  • People are carefully inspected and making sure that everyone is healthy, the buses moved to a New Sanzhary in the Poltava region. There are evacuated on observation at the medical center of the national guard.
  • Locals New Sanjar started protests since the morning. They blocked the road. Explained that opposed the accommodation of evacuated from China in their village. Between protesters and police clashed.
  • Police arrested 24 people and opened 5 criminal cases. 21 Feb 23 detainees were released.
  • Health Minister Zoryana Skaletska decided to spend two weeks of observation along with evacuees. According to her, it may soothe and convince the residents that everything is safe.