Nuclear weapons, “Nord stream-2” Ukraine: what Merkel talked with Putin during his visit to Moscow

Ядерное оружие, "Северный поток-2" и Украина: о чем Меркель общалась с Путиным в ходе визита в Москву

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived with an official visit to Russia and met Russian President Vladimir Putin. It became known what he was talking about policy. Writes about this Country.

During the talks, which lasted about four hours, talked about issues relating to events in the middle East, Ukraine and the “Nord stream-2”.

According to Putin, the conflict in Syria can be resolved only by diplomatic forces, in addition he reminded that Iran after the United States withdrew from the nuclear agreement. The Iranian authorities stated that the volume of enriched uranium will depend on the needs of the country. Also discussed non-dollar method of calculating with Iran to bypass sanctions of the United States.

To the question about the Nord stream-2, Putin said that Russia is able to complete it without the help of foreign partners, and that it is only a matter of time. As you know, the pipeline construction is postponed for an indefinite period of time. The reason for the delay – the output of the project, the Swiss company Аllseas, which was engaged in laying of pipes.

The parties also discussed the Ukrainian issue in the framework of the Minsk agreements that were reached at the talks in Paris. According to the Russian President, the law on the special status of Donbass should be permanent and enshrined in the Ukrainian Constitution.

In turn, Angela Merkel mentioned Libya and Syria, she praised Putin and Erdogan for the agreement on ceasefire in Idlib province. “For Syria there is no military solution”. In addition, the Chancellor noted that Iran does not want to have nuclear weapons, and that this arrangement should be maintained.

Of course she could not mention the crash of a Ukrainian plane in Iran. “Now we need to discuss the implications of the tragedy until the end to reveal it,” said Angela Merkel.

About Normandy meeting, the Chancellor stated that we need to prepare new developments by the next summit. According to her in Paris was not solved all the problems, but there is a way to go, considering the Minsk agreement.

As is known, after the invitation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel have announced their intention to arrive in Moscow for negotiations. The visit took place on January 11. The press service of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine told that the Ukrainian side hopes to promote the Angela Merkel to urge Russia to implement reached at the “Normandy summit” agreements.

Ядерное оружие, "Северный поток-2" и Украина: о чем Меркель общалась с Путиным в ходе визита в Москву