Numb fingers: the main causes

Немеют пальцы: названы главные причины

Unpleasant sensations in the fingers such as tingling and numbness is familiar to many. More often that not overlooked. However, if unpleasant symptom appears regularly – you need to see a doctor, reports “News. info”.

Causes of paresthesia

In the fingertips there are numerous nerve endings. In an uncomfortable position the compressed blood vessels, the blood circulation, which leads to unpleasant painful sensations. Often they harass women than men. In any age category may experience numbness of fingers and toes.

Causes not related to illness, the following:

1. Sleep in an uncomfortable position;

2. Local or General hypothermia;

3. The poisoning of chemicals, alcohol, drugs;

4. The consequences of injuries of extremities;

5. Long position of the fingers in certain types of activities (computer work, knitting, etc.);

6. The presence of tight-fitting jewelry (bracelets, rings).

Paresthesia often have pregnant women because of increased workloads and changes in hormone levels. The seriousness of violations should be considering if only numbs one limb or finger. Frequently recurring symptoms can speak about existence of such dangerous diseases as:

1. Brain disorders and hemorrhage;

2. Irregularities in the cardiovascular system;

3. Osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia;

4. Tunnel syndrome – carpal tunnel disease;

5. Of blood circulation disorders in diabetes;

6. Fungal nail diseases.

Sometimes, the sensory disorders of the limbs due to incorrect lifestyle. In any case, it is extremely necessary to consult an education expert.