Numerology wealth: how to calculate your code

Нумерология богатства: как рассчитать свой код

For a long time scientists have tried to understand how numerology affects society. And thus it turned out that each digit from 1 to 9 has its own value.

It became known that the universe always has a certain mood and can be described by numerological horoscope. Also, each person has the opportunity to learn about their own monetary destiny and how you can change it. You need to know your code of wealth.

Code of wealth a Personal code of wealth is calculated on the basis of date of birth.

Let’s say you were born December 22, 1996. Year will have no value – you will need to take the first four digits of 22.12.1996. Add them and get 2+2+1+2=7. This is your personal number of wealth, which invariably for life.

Unit. The number 1 in numerology symbolizes the beginning. For wealth this number is not the best, but any hidden drawbacks and advantages. Energy this number tends to constancy, order, precision. The universe says to you, the wealth is not the amount of money, and just their presence. To get rich, you’ll need the help of a wise people, persistence and work.

Deuce. Pair this find the money, but not waste. Let someone else buy you things. Bring to the store husband, wife, mom or dad to follow you closely watched. Rash purchases you can hurt. To earn you might be able, but not to spend and not to hoard. If you trust a close person from your family, then trust him to store your money.

Three. This is the best number for those who put financial sphere of life in priority. Fortune favors you in almost everything, so beware should only complete inactivity, because the money themselves to you is unlikely to come. The lack of a pleasant chance – this is perhaps the only minus Three. Do not worry, because in all other aspects the luck be with you.

Four. If you were born under the auspices of the financial four, you should know that this code of wealth is very positive. Women love jewelry, so good luck in money with them from an early age, if they were born under the number 4. Try not to go negative and keep things just in the right mood. Quartet-a sign of stability, a sign of confidence. Those born with the number four, a success in business.

Five. Five numerology called number is cloudless. Much of the financial life depends on you, namely your confidence and mood. Five likes circular objects, so the best mascot for you is a coin worth five rubles, cents and so on. Don’t show it to anyone. It should be something intimate and secret.

Six. This number connects the spiritual world with the material world. The money you left, should monitor their own health. Your lucky charm in life is blue. When making important monetary decisions use intuition, which will not fail you.

Seven. If you were born under the auspices of sevens, then avoid gambling. For you, they are more dangerous than for anyone else. Largely thanks to you gaming establishments thrive, because Seven kill the vigilant and forced to treat money as bits of paper, although from them depends very much in our lives.

Eight. This number represents infinity. This code of wealth suggests that a constant circulation of money will chase you. The most important thing for you – not to hoard Finance mindlessly and not waste them unnecessarily. The best energy balance will be maintained in the case if you start to invest in their own development.

Nine. If this is your code wealth, try not to go to extremes. Luck with money will smile to you only if you can spend and earn equally. Nine is rarely very rich, but not losing money just like that.