Numerology: what does the last digit of your year of birth

Нумерология: что означает последняя цифра вашего года рождения

The last digit of the year of birth has a unique meaning. In order to decode it, you need to refer to the ancient Chinese calendar. For him each moment of time is subject to one of the five elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Wood. They, in turn, affect the character, habits and abilities. Tell what these numbers mean.

People born under the element of Metal, very purposeful: they know exactly what they want and are always ready to defend their point of view. They have a strong character and sometimes too high demands on themselves and others. Most often, these people do not show any particular emotion, behave with restraint and always tactful, which may seem that they are cold to others. Metal man tends to material well-being and luxury. And they are not afraid of loneliness and hard living conditions.

The representatives of this element of emotional and insightful. They have good intuition and often prone to manipulation. These people are secretive and don’t like to reveal their secrets to others. They have a good imagination and diplomatic qualities. So often they choose a creative profession or become diplomats. This man is not only a good organizer but also a performer. However, he is often passive and inclined to indulge their whims.

People born under the element of Wood, very generous and open to everything new. They love to explore the world and very hardworking, and sometimes too, so they need to know how to relax. Often, they have assumed too much, not counting their own forces. They are good friends, to whom you can always rely on. People Tree has the gift of persuasion, but almost never uses it for their own purposes. This gift, incidentally, may help him succeed in everything he tries. Such people do not pursue money and different luxuries that they may become dependent, so it is from other people.

“Fire” people are very energetic, charismatic and temperamental. They achieve their goals, have passion and desire to win. Also, these people are unable to stand alone and love to keep moving forward. That is why they often choose the role of leaders. Person Fire selfish, very emotional, and often even aggressive. He is often impatient and willful.

The representatives of this element is very responsible and caring. They will never disregard his family and friends, requiring them to do the same. These people have a good intuition, which often helps them see different perspectives and to soberly assess the situation. They love to control and solve the problems step by step. However, they are often afraid of everything new, they are real conservatives. People of the Earth are very straight and stubborn.