Nurmagomedov: fight to disqualification

Нурмагомедов: борьба до дисквалификации


The Russian fighter of the mixed style of Khabib Nurmagomedov defended the champion title UFC in lightweight, but in the end may be disqualified and stripped of the trophy. So ended the battle with the Irishman Conor McGregor on stage in Las Vegas. In the fourth round, Nurmagomedov used a rear naked choke and forced the opponent to surrender. However, this confrontation is not over. Outside the ring, unfolds the conflict between the teams of fighters, which escalated into a mass brawl. It was attended by Nurmagomedov.

In the end, the judges declared the Russian winner, but the award ceremony didn’t take place. In addition, the United States has begun investigation of circumstances of fight, — said the President of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) Dana white: “the Athletic Commission of Nevada took the video from the audience. They froze the fee Habib, but did not block funds Crown McGregor: after watching the video, it is decided that there is no need to take such measures against him, but saw grounds for delayed payment of Habib”.

Habib Nurmagomedov, in turn, apologized to the Athletic Commission of Nevada and Las Vegas, recognizing their behavior is a mistake: “I proved to be not the best, I’m people. But I don’t understand why everyone is talking only about the fact that I jumped out of the ring. And what about what he says about my faith, about my country, what he says about my father? He came to Brooklyn, he damaged the bus, he nearly killed a few people, what with all this”?

Victory Nurmagomedov has become a holiday to his native Dagestan. On the streets of Makhachkala left hundreds of people chanting the name of the fighter. The participants of the festivities called him a hero.

Recognize defeat McGregor said he wants revenge. However, in the administration of the ultimate fighting championship say they now will try to keep the fighters away from each other.

Video Editing • Andrey Poznyakov

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