Nutritionist debunked the myth of having to eat soups

Диетолог развенчала мифа о необходимости есть супы

Certainly, as we all remember from early childhood were forced to eat “first” – soups, borscht and other “liquid food”. But why really? Argued that this concoction improves digestion. Debunked this myth a gastroenterologist, a nutritionist Svetlana Nikolaenko, reports

According to nutritionist, the need to use soups went in a greater extent in the Soviet Union. Then the people were physically tired and often felt a sense of hunger, which need to feed. Soup, where the volume of meals 70% is water, is a great way to dull the hunger, filling the stomach.

The nutritional value of the soup is not very large. Yes, there are boiled vegetables, which is helpful broth (if it’s real birds). But it’s better is not in the form of soup. After some soup might be a little discomfort as the water from the soup can dilute the gastric juice. Anyway, love the soups – eat. But it is not a necessity. It’s just a cheap way to get enough, which is presented in the cafeterias. Of course, soups purees can be very useful if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as they are very well mastered. But a healthy person it is not necessary.