Nutritionist “justify” popular products considered to be harmful

Диетолог "оправдала" популярные продукты, считающиеся вредными

The expert urged not to compile long lists of “prohibited” products

We are so accustomed to divide products into good and bad, that completely forget: every coin has two sides. Especially surprising are these huge lists of banned products, which most women make when losing weight. Nutritionist Kristina Sheremetyeva on his page in Instagram decided to “justify” some popular products, unfairly considered to be very harmful.

The expert noted that, in any question is always a good moderation. The list of harmful products is absolutely not as big as you think. Absolutely harmful, we can only call TRANS fats and fast carbs, and harm other products are often exaggerated.


In good butter with fat content of 82.5% 746ккал in 100g. Olive 99% fat and 898ккал. This is a saturated fat but it has been proved that the myths about its dangers is repeatedly exaggerated. It is important that the diet saturated fat was less than it is unsaturated. So in the morning, a small piece of bread with butter, you just can not hurt.


The bread has b vitamins, fiber, slow carbohydrates, so it is satiating. Choose bread wholemeal flour (whole grain) and eat 30g per day (1 slice). It will not hurt your figure.


Is cream of different fat content. Added to the coffee portion of 10% cream is only +14ккал. Treat yourself occasionally, don’t be shy, but remember about moderation and the fat content.

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Very healthy drink, if you drink it without sugar and not to eat cakes and cookies. Many studies have proven that moderate amount of coffee is the prevention of T2DM, disease of Parkinson, dementia and diseases of the nervous system. Do not drink more than 2 cups of organic coffee a day and it will do you only good.


Pasta from whole wheat flour or from flour of durum is not dangerous. Threat high-calorie sauces and ketchup that we make these noodles.

Red meat.

They say that red meat in the diet contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, the risk of problems with blood vessels and heart by eating red meat increases only a few percent. 500g of meat a week will not bring harm to the body. But it is only natural meat, not the substitutes – sausages, fast food and sausages.

Informed expert in weight loss Kate Matushkina listed products junk before bed.

Диетолог "оправдала" популярные продукты, считающиеся вредными

Диетолог "оправдала" популярные продукты, считающиеся вредными

Диетолог "оправдала" популярные продукты, считающиеся вредными

Диетолог "оправдала" популярные продукты, считающиеся вредными